Lex Woods File (fan fiction)

After a trip to Antarctica, Lex gets a small place in West Virginia and studies her dads notes. She finds the island was the site for an unexplained possible nuke in 1979. Further research at a library nearby appends the theories of alien encounters.

Keeping fit, she takes martial arts classes for a few years, specializing in weaponry. Privately she works out moves for the combi-stick that she owns.

2010- martial arts training completed. Private work on her acreage, she consults as a guide online for a living.

2015- A visit by Weyland representatives. They offer her a staff position, but she says she is retired. She continues training but in her indoor gym.

2016- Yutani industry representatives visit. Same as Weyland result.

December 12 2016- U.S. Special agents search her home but find nothing She returns from a trip to town and spots them, successfully hiding. She leaves town that night after accessing some bank accounts prepared for this contingency.

2017- A change of government defuses the era of secret CIA killers and quiet cover ups as the spy system is shaken up. Lex settles in LA. A Predator Hunter finds her almost at once, accepts her clan scar as his clan and after she considers (Weyland and Yutani agents closing in) takes her off world to complete her training as a spear master and hunt companion. She learns from previous human records found onboard that the blood of predators or perhaps predator -alien combinations create longevity. Fade to black as she traces her scar.

2018- Lex receives a set of golden body armour, proclaiming her a spear master.


Tales of Gold.

After the success of space missions in setting up orbital installations in 2015, the Weyland corporation gets venture capital funding and in conjunction with a couple of scientists from New Way City begins improvements on a space station for corporate experiments. Borgia industries sues Weyland.

2018- January 3- Contact is lost with the station built with Weyland and Borgia technology. Garbled messages from Weyland Security forces aboard indicate a life support malfunction.

2018- March 3- An emergency shuttle rescue mission loses contact shortly after boarding the stricken station. Feeds in the docked shuttle pick up gunfire.

2018- March 4- Lex joins a 3- predator pod investigating the station, to find a species of xenomorph and a lot of dead humans. Lex leaves after the ancient leader of the pod kills most of the xenomorphs and some marines, then is killed by the last xenomorph which is finished by Lex. There are still thousands of eggs and infected humans in cryogenic tanks (an early experiment)

2019- The predators rejoin their mothership and visit a Mexican drug lord for sport. Wiping out the humans, they take a couple days to practice before leaving on another hunt.

Oddly some Earth philosophers take up the challenge. (Real life!)