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    February 5, 2017 by ManaphyVaporeon

    Lex Woods File (fan fiction)

    After a trip to Antarctica, Lex gets a small place in West Virginia and studies her dads notes. She finds the island was the site for an unexplained possible nuke in 1979. Further research at a library nearby appends the theories of alien encounters.

    Keeping fit, she takes martial arts classes for a few years, specializing in weaponry. Privately she works out moves for the combi-stick that she owns.

    2010- martial arts training completed. Private work on her acreage, she consults as a guide online for a living.

    2015- A visit by Weyland representatives. They offer her a staff position, but she says she is retired. She continues training but in her indoor gym.

    2016- Yutani industry representatives visit. Same as Weylan…

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