ok this is the first part of my fanfic so help if you want more.2 marines start talking in a hallway "hey Rick what happened to sarah last misson". Said 1 marine."uhh she got--" two men run past them one says"did you hear about the new agent shes going against 5 xenos.".1 marine says "I got to see this." they run in only to see a dark room and the marine Sarah in there with them."what the" one marines.3 wierd looking aliens enter with mussels on them."jumpys see those spikes try not to get shot by them." All the marines take out there guns Rick shoots one in the head George slices 1s hand off then stabs it in the eye then Sarah goes invisible and shoots the rest."Next round" said a speaker then 10 xenomorphs come in."Not xenos" then they open fire and no xenomorphs were left standing.THE END FOR NOW.