Hi, it's me again. I just finished watching Alien Resurrection, and now I have seen all four movies in chronological order. I'm not pretty sure what versions i watched, but at least Alien was normal version and Aliens was special version. The version of Alien 3  i saw contained dog instead of bull, so which one was it? And resurrection... i have actually no idea what cut it was =P

But now some thoughts about films. Alien was great, probably best one. Second best was of course Aliens, it added so much new elements to story. Then comes Alien 3. It just recycled old ideas, an had practically same story as Alien. The ending was good, perfect end for the Aliens trilogy. But then, there's Alien Resurrection. It was actually good action/scifi movie, but it was ABSOLUTELY unneccessary for Alien-universe.

Next I will watch the movie Predators. I hope it's good, but what do you guys think?

-To the next time, Madpredator (talk) (Contribs)