Here's something I wanna get off my chest. Does anyone feel that Predator can't do anything that isn't Alien related? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea AVP and I think it's a great series. Two bad movies, but could be made good. Anywho, see, I feel that Predator can't do anything that isn't Alien related. Like, the Predator game Concrete Jungle, I loved that game, but its critical flaw was that it was Predator set in the Alien universe, which I found uncalled for. Can't they just make a Predator game that didn't involve Aliens? Not to mention, where the hell did the Aliens come from anyway? What sparked this whole thing was the new Predator, Aliens, and Aliens vs. Predator Rage War novel series. I read that the Predator book Incursion invovles Aliens, which I don't agree with. I feel that if you're gonna do a shared universe, they should be connected but mostly focus it as a Predator story only, not a Predator story guest starring Alien.

The point is, I feel that Aliens, Predator, and AVP should have their own franchises, I'm not saying they should share a universe, I'm saying they just shouldn't contradict each other. Which is simple if you only set a Predator story in modern times and Aliens in future times. Even though I don't agree with all the things that Robert Rodriguez said about the Predator franchise, I feel he was right about one thing, Predator should be about Predator, not Predator and Alien.

This whole thing about Alien stuff in Predator stories reminds me of a meme I saw a lifetime ago of a pic of Alien and Predator standing face to face from AVP with a talk bubble with Predator saying, "I wish I could quit you."

That's just how I feel.