You know, after researching the Fire and Stone comic book series that came out recently, which I still haven't read, I thought, it could be an interesting idea to do an Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator shared universe. I mean, Marvel did a good job with their shared universe, DC is trying to catch up with them, even the friggin Universal Studios Monsters is getting a shared universe starting with Dracula Untold, which I think is lame.

I mean, it doesn't have to be as big as Marvel, I mean, I sometimes mostly think the two series should be separated, but somewhat connect. Like Predator doesn't need Alien references or vice versa, I mean Alien and Predator were their own franchises before they crossed over and people shouldn't forget that. I mean, it could a one time deal maybe, a trilogy, on Aliens story, one Predator story, each set in the same universe, then crosses over into one story, maybe even with the same characters. Maybe even some follow ups. It could be cool. But they shouldn't make it completely official, like don't say it's canon, say it "could" be canon. That's how I feel about the Alien and Predator franchise in general, I'm not saying they should be in the same universe, I'm saying they "could" share the same universe.