Yo, guys, I'm just wondering what you think of these Xenomorph types?

Blue Xeno

Xenomorphs that are quicker than most others but aren't as strong. Their biological weaponry are their sharp bladed tails, the trademark second mouths and their ability to shoot acid at will. They are born from athletic humans.

Red Xeno

Xenomorphs that are stronger than most and are extremely aggressive. Their Queen is known to attack colonies and bases when either needed or angered. The Red Xenomorphs show no mercy and will attack anything that isn't a Red Xenomorph. Their biological weaponry are their powerful bladed tails, their muscular strength, their second mouths and their genetic instinct to kill.

WY-Series Xeno

Xenomorphs that have been genetically and biologically engineered for use in wars. These Xenomorphs are controlled by a vicious Queen, who is tamed by the owners of Weyland-Yutani Corp. The soldiers are the biggest soldiers in the Xenomorph species and are extremely powerful. Their colour is mostly green and white. Their biological weaponry are their bladed tails, their powerful second mouths, their extremely powerful claws, their ability to explode a Yuatja hunter with their blood and their ability to survive in almost any climate. They are also intelligent and are able to distuinguish human, Yuatja and Xenomorph faces.

So, what do you think?