So, let me get the basic idea of this blog down. Fan fiction. While a very controversial subject regarding copyright, preference, sourcing, canon and other factors, fan fiction can be very enjoyable for one to write or read. There are those which are considered good and those that are considered bad, take your fancy really. Now, I have visited several wikis and I have seen a multitude of attitude towards fan fiction. Some welcome fan fiction onto their wiki so long as it is made clear and obvious that it's fan content, such as through giving the particular fan fiction page a "Fiction:" at the beginning, as well as wikis that have a very negative attitude towards fan fiction at all.

Now, what about here? I am not going to lie, the wiki does not attract very many new users who are willing to stay very often and I have seen many users leave after extended periods of time of activity here. A question; do you think new users would be attracted towards the wiki, with the added benefit of current users staying longer, if this wiki possessed a fan fiction addition? Do you think this wiki should be able to have content both canon to the current series and fan content so long as it is made clear that the fan content is not part of the Alien/Predator canon? Would you be put off or attracted by the idea of such?

Yes, the idea can be considered controversial but I have seen wikis do such before without having to seperate entirely, usually by maintaining an organized system which clearly seperates canon and fan content. I have also seen wikis that have entire collaberative fan content universes which work off the current canon that their wiki records. Yes, there are sites that are solely dedicated for fan fiction and I will agree that they are more appropriate but only when concerning characters and organizations seen in the current canon. I want your views on this, although the outcome of the blog does NOT decide anything over the wiki. This is an opinion and views blog, nothing is certain as always. I am not trying to start anything here, this is just an idea blog.