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Dream Crossover?

So, what would be your dream crossover concerning the Aliens/Predator franchise? How would you set the story, where would you go with such a crossover and why that crossover in particular? I've seen a lot of people doing crossovers recently and I figured I may as well get your opinion upon the subject.

For me, a dream crossover would be crossing Aliens with the Metal Gear series, as both share themes relating to human greed and bio/superweapons of mass destruction and elimination in order for corporations and organizations to gain financial and global dominance over the economy. Also because I haven't seen anybody thinking of an MG/Alien crossover before and I figured it'd be nice to spice things up a little bit with a few sprinkles of Metal Gear's grim-darkness and Aliens' horror and suspense. Oh, and also provides an actual reasoning for human-loyal Xenomorphs; nanomachines, which play a significant part in Metal Gear.

But then again, this is just me. What would your dream crossover be concerning the Aliens/Predator franchise? And how would you have it go? Be sure to leave a comment, it's really appreciated :3

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