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  • Lucario of the Gods

    So, what would be your dream crossover concerning the Aliens/Predator franchise? How would you set the story, where would you go with such a crossover and why that crossover in particular? I've seen a lot of people doing crossovers recently and I figured I may as well get your opinion upon the subject.

    For me, a dream crossover would be crossing Aliens with the Metal Gear series, as both share themes relating to human greed and bio/superweapons of mass destruction and elimination in order for corporations and organizations to gain financial and global dominance over the economy. Also because I haven't seen anybody thinking of an MG/Alien crossover before and I figured it'd be nice to spice things up a little bit with a few sprinkles of Meta…

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  • Lucario of the Gods

    So, let me get the basic idea of this blog down. Fan fiction. While a very controversial subject regarding copyright, preference, sourcing, canon and other factors, fan fiction can be very enjoyable for one to write or read. There are those which are considered good and those that are considered bad, take your fancy really. Now, I have visited several wikis and I have seen a multitude of attitude towards fan fiction. Some welcome fan fiction onto their wiki so long as it is made clear and obvious that it's fan content, such as through giving the particular fan fiction page a "Fiction:" at the beginning, as well as wikis that have a very negative attitude towards fan fiction at all.

    Now, what about here? I am not going to lie, the wiki does …

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  • Lucario of the Gods

    Okay, I've been thinking. What species of Xenomorph do you prefer? To me, the different forms of the black Xenomorphs are not species, but variations. To me, the only other species of Xenomorph is the K-Series, as they have enough genetic differences to seperate them from the black Xenomorphs, like the fact that these Xenomorphs might not spread via Facehuggers, or they might not spread at all and only have one variation. Anyways, which do you prefer?

    Personally, I like the K-Series and would like to see more of them.

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  • Lucario of the Gods


    July 10, 2010 by Lucario of the Gods

    I have been searching through the novels of Xenopedia and there isn't much description on them, only Aliens vs Predator: Prey. Shouldn't we buy our own copies of the novels from Amazon or eBay so we can provide info on the books?

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  • Lucario of the Gods

    I have noticed that this wiki is full of mispellings, lazy writing and references to yourselves. This is a wiki and the articles must be about the subject it is describing, not about the theories you have. If you wanna discuss theories, go make a forum or discuss it on a talk page. But now, back to what the blog is primarily about: Mispelling and Lazy Writing. I have seen articles that are written like this:

    • In da torfey roms there is skulls of mny spices hunt by Predtors.

    When actually its:

    • In the trophy rooms, there are a skulls of many species hunted by the Predators.

    So, please, tell me what you think and help correct articles. Thank you for listening.

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