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  • LexiLexi

    This should come as no surprise--there will be a sequel to Prometheus.

    The title is undecided, but we do know that Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are signed on for it. But here's the question: if Prometheus is a sort of pre-quel to Alien, will this new movie take place before or after the events in Alien? And will we see more of the creepy albino super-humans, or will we be greeted with a totally new type of scary?

    Any predictions for the sequel? If I had to guess...there will be some kind of sinister creature in someone's body at some point. That's just me though. Any other ideas?


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  • LexiLexi

    Damon Lindelof has been notoriously secretive about anything involving Prometheus. We've seen cool images, and even some videos, but in terms of actual disclosures, Lindelof only promises that we will see "strands of Alien DNA".

    Well, he has recently told us that Prometheus could very well lead to sequels, and that there are aspects of the movie that make way for sequels. Indeed, he says that the movie was never intended to be a one-off. Any guesses as to what that is? Perhaps an alien pregnancy or an unresolved feud? Comment below with your guesses!


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  • LexiLexi

    Looking at the new Prometheus trailer, all I can say I'm seeing some wild stuff I could never have thought of myself...crazy alien life-forms, a planet splitting down the middle?! It's going to be difficult to wait for the release date on June 8.

    As for casting, Noomi Rapace, the actress who starred in the Swedish The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will be starring in Prometheus as Elizabeth Shaw. In addition, Michael Fassbender will be playing a butler-like robot with interestingly human traits.

    As for the plot, Prometheus will center around a group of explorers on a spaceship called Prometheus, searching for clues about the origin of mankind. To make matters better, the mind that created the fantastic and spooky stuff we saw on Alien i…

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