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  • Leigh Burne

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a special Alien Day event in London, organised by 20th Century Fox and primarily geared towards building anticipation for . Along with AVPGalaxy forum member Xenomorphine, we were treated to a number of exclusive experiences, following which we were whisked to a screening of and an exclusive, 10-minute sneak peak of Alien: Covenant.

    Events began with a look around the main floor of the YouTube centre, adjacent to St. Pancras International train station, where the event was held. The main attractions here were a deep space EVA suit from Covenant and a series of fan-made artworks based around the Alien films. The EVA suit in particular impressed me with the level of detail put into it, from the various labels…

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  • Leigh Burne

    New Names, Old Faces

    August 11, 2015 by Leigh Burne

    Just a fun bit of trivia about : the new book gives full names to a host of characters in the franchise, many of which had only a single name before. But in just a couple of cases, characters have now changed their identities...

    Remember William Gorman? His first name was previously taken from the actor playing him, William Hope, as was the case with the majority of the Marines in (the exception being Dwayne Hicks, whose first name is given in dialogue in the extended Special Edition of the movie). While this was never outright confirmed as canon, this "name-shared-with-actor" trait was a known convention shared by the Marine characters in the film. However, his official name according to the report is now Scott Gorman — which may or may not…

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  • Leigh Burne

    New Xenopedia Logo

    April 24, 2015 by Leigh Burne

    Over the last few months, JANN ELDERPREDATOR and I have been coming up with a replacement for the logo or wordmark that sits at the top of Xenopedia's web page. In case anyone's unsure what the wordmark is, currently we use this:

    It isn't particularly easy to make out, the text could be clearer, but above all it's been there practically since the site started — something new would be good to freshen things up.

    JANN and I decided to base the new one on artwork created for the Fire and Stone series, as we felt this was a good way to reflect the addition of and the Engineers to the franchise. The major limiting factor we have struggled with is the size — the image cannot be any larger than 250 x 65 pixels, which really isn't a lot to work with.…

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  • Leigh Burne

    I wanted to try and do a spoiler-free review for this, but given the nature of the story and the points I want to raise about it, that would basically be impossible.

    First, the good — I thought this was easily the best book of the trilogy. Some readers may not like the fact that there are literally no Aliens until around the halfway point, but personally I thought this was a good move. The first half takes its time setting up colony life and introducing us to the major players, and it pleasantly reminded me of the world-building Moore did at the beginning of Alien: Sea of Sorrows, which I thought was the strongest part of that book. Russ, Anne, Timmy and Newt are handled well, and Brackett was a decent enough (if perhaps a little bland) hero…

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  • Leigh Burne

    Having now finished , I have to say, it's probably the best Alien game I've ever played (although note I've never played fan favourite Aliens versus Predator 2).

    My main worry prior to playing was that the game wouldn't manage to successfully drag out it's only-one-enemy scenario to a decent length without getting boring. Happily those concerns were allayed. The game throws in enough varied scenarios to keep it feeling fresh (as well as the big twist just over halfway through that reveals there are more than one Alien). It also mixes it up by making its Seegson androids a serious threat later in the game, with the added bonus that they make for very different opponents to the Alien — they're less immediately deadly, they're less mobile, and the…

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