I am writing an Aliens Fan Fic about an Elite Military team of the Colonial Marines, for The United Systems Military. they go to some colony to serve as armed guards for a lab, and to combat the xenomorph infestation. Sometime into the novel they discover a secret experiment of a Xenomorph human hybrid, her name is Vertigo. She looks like a human, but with metallic teeth, and nails and hair the colour of xenomorph skin. She has acidic blood, regenerative capabilities, super reflexes, spits acid on demand, telepathy and can learn things very fast. The idea of making her was to use her as a weapon to combat the aliens and eventually birth and tame the ultimate xenomorph. She names her 'baby' Zealot. Zealot is like a regular xenomorph but with a few extra things such as an extra set of arms, not like the queens, ones that are the size of the regular arms, a tail with with three appendages with blades, a crest, she's bigger than the other Xenomorph.

Anyway I am looking for ideas for what else I can add to Zealot.

So far for what Vertigo looks like is 5' foot 8, Xenomorph-Blue hair, metallic silver teeth and nails, green eyes, pale green lips, ivory white tongue, extremely pale skin, pale green veins and arteries.

For the characters, Vertigo is the 9th of 9 experiments, all of which will appear in my novel. I've got specimen 7 planned out, so what kind of human-Xenomorph hybrid abominations should each look like. If and when you post ideas please include the number. The lower the number, the less human it is.


Coming soon.

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