Lately I've been thinking about flying Xenomorph. So far it's either been crappy fan art, good fan art or the Kenner Flying Queen. I've done some research into the Alien Dragon, which gestated in a giant bat, and if it had matured to a Queen I think it would have looked like number 1, because it looks very similar to a bat crossed with a Xenomorph. Also, the bat only has a thumb on its wings and fingers with the membrane, which also leads to no 1 being the best, and hey theyre Xenomorph they can have wings and 4 arms if they want. Personally I think the dragon alien is pretty cool. So I want to know what you guys think about these flying queens.

This page will not close because I believe all who care, deserve to give their opinion, provided its not rude.

I do not claim credit to any of these. They are not my designs.

Flying Queen.1
Flying Queen.2
Flying Queen.3
Queen 1

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