• Joecapell35


    May 12, 2013 by Joecapell35

    I am Joe i am asking if people cann help me with years the time line is helpful but not very useful i need to know if someone can help me with the years games, movies, books and comics are in please someone help

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  • Joecapell35

    deacon vs xenomorphs

    April 21, 2013 by Joecapell35

    Okay, it is apparent that i am still on the Prometheus page and how many dont know between the difference of a xeno and a deacon. first xenos have their inner jaw as a tounge looking type thing the deacon just has a second set of jaws . and as you can tell below both are different

    this is an Ultra-Morph                                                                                                            

    a FaceHugger that infected an Engineer

                                                                                                                       And this is a Deacon a Trilobite

                                                                                                                          that in fected an Engineer


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