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Expanding a Universe

remember when i mentioned about Alien and Blade Runner sharing a connection as revealed on the blue-ray of prometheus? well Fox has been busy with updating some films on IMDB and now we find that David Webb Peoples has confirmed the 1998 movie with Kurt Russel called 'Soldier' is officially part of the same universe as a direct 'Sidequel' to Blade Runner, therefore the total movies involved is six movies *Alien Ressurection is currently in dispute* this explains why the Spinners from Blade Runner is seen umong the garbage in one of the scenes. so far Fox and Ridley Scott are looking at other movies to add to the universe 'with the specific directors permission' and it also means that the AVP movies are being retconned out as they have yet to even be looked at....

let's not forget about the Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels which are to make further connections to this universe....

the connection on 'Soldier' is main character Todd 'Kurt Russel' had his service record looked upon and it shows he fought at the battle of Tannhauser Gate and the Shoulder of Orion Batty 'Rutger Hauer' talked about in in his final quote on Blade Runner, his weapons training also details the USMC Smartgun and the M41A Pulse Rifle Prototype....

what do you think about the connections these directors have done getting recognized and accepted to the universe they were inspired to do?

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