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  • Jason Avery

    Expanding a Universe

    February 6, 2013 by Jason Avery

    remember when i mentioned about Alien and Blade Runner sharing a connection as revealed on the blue-ray of prometheus? well Fox has been busy with updating some films on IMDB and now we find that David Webb Peoples has confirmed the 1998 movie with Kurt Russel called 'Soldier' is officially part of the same universe as a direct 'Sidequel' to Blade Runner, therefore the total movies involved is six movies *Alien Ressurection is currently in dispute* this explains why the Spinners from Blade Runner is seen umong the garbage in one of the scenes. so far Fox and Ridley Scott are looking at other movies to add to the universe 'with the specific directors permission' and it also means that the AVP movies are being retconned out as they have yet …

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  • Jason Avery

    i have yet to obtain Prometheus to add to my collection of movies but i have still kept a very close eye on the sequel aptly title 'Paradise' and discovered something on a movie site i keep going to....sort of my way to stay ahead of this wiki on what movies really are coming.... it detailes that within the steelbook blue-ray of Prometheus an easter egg that may tie in Blade Runner with the rest of the Alien universe. remember this is an easter egg so if you have not seen Blade Runner *or lost memory of the scene described in the image below* then i inform you to watch before you look.......

    i wonder if that Weyland of AVP could have been bought by Yutani and Tyrell coporation of Blade Runner could have been bought by Prometheus Weyland whi…

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