"ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR: GOLD EDITION" (2000) is pretty much an expansion pack to 1999`s original FPS classic "Aliens Versus Predator".

Aliens Versus Predator Gold adds several new interesting features to the already legendary PC shooter such as:

An in-game 'Save Game' feature which allows you to save your progress at any time during any level.

Two new Colonial Marine weapons: 1. Dual Automatic Pistols and 2. The Skeeter Gun (fires discs), both can be used in Single Player and Multiplayer.

Nine new Multiplayer/Skirmish levels based on Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), and Predator 2 (1990) (unfortunatly no Predator 1987 levels...). The levels are: Lab 14, Hadley’s Hope, Elevator, Subway, Leadworks, Meat Factory, Nostromo, Compound, and the Rebellion Office.

And it has been reported that the graphics were slightly improved since the original "Aliens Versus Predator" (1999).

Besides those features and additions the game basically remains the same regarding Single Player (there are **NO** new levels for the Aliens vs. Predator Gold Single Player Mode, unlike the "Aliens Versus Predator 2" (2001) expansion pack "Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt" (2002) which does include new Campaign levels for all three species), Predator weapons, Alien attacks, and any other attributes remain the same.

For those who have not played the original "Aliens Versus Predator" (1999), the only differences in the two games (Besides all the added features I previously mentioned that AvP Gold comes with) are the main menu title screens, in "Aliens Versus Predator" (1999) the title screen is a backdrop of stars, a beautiful REAL space photograph and music VERY similar to that of James Horner's score of Aliens (1986), on the other hand in "Aliens Versus Predator: Gold Edition" (2000), the title screen I believe is a close-up of an Alien Egg where you can see the Facehugger moving inside, and the music to me sounds like John Frizzell`s composition of "Alien: Resurrection" (1997).

Also for those who havent tried the original AvP (1999) here is the complete list of levels and weapons for the Alien, Predator and Colonial Marine:



Claws, Tail-Whip (best used for stunning enemies/prey), and a Head Bite that can only be used when close enough to bite prey.

Primary Levels:

I. Temple, II. Escape, III. Ferarco, IV. Gateway, V. Earthbound

Bonus Levels:

BL1. Invasion, BL2. Derelict, BL3. Tyrargo, BL4. Caverns, BL5. Fury 161



Wrist-Blades, Shoulder Cannon, Speargun, (Plasma) Pistol, Smart Disc, and the Medi-Comp.

Primary Levels:

I. Waterfall, II. Area 52, III. Vaults, IV Fury 161, V. Caverns, VI. Battle

Bonus Levels:

BL1. Invasion, BL2. Escape, BL3. Temple, BL4. Gateway, BL5. Tyrargo



M41A Pulse Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Smart Gun, FlameThrower, Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Dual Automatic Pistols (AvPG), The Skeeter Gun (AvPG).

Primary Levels:

I. Derelict, II. Colony, III. Invasion, IV. Orbital, V. Tyrargo, VI. Hanger

Bonus Levels:

BL1. Temple, BL2. Vaults, BL3. Ferarco, BL4. Gateway, BL5. Waterfall

NOTE** You must complete Single Player in different difficulties to unlock different bonus levels.

This game is fantastic, great atmosphere, gameplay and alot of AvP going on!. If you would like more detailed info please pickup the Offical Guide!