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May 27, 2010
  • J1138776948

    Great news

    April 8, 2011 by J1138776948

    Hey guys this is J11 again. Go check out AVPGalaxy for the latest news on the Alien Prequel: Promethius. From what I have read, it seems very promising. There's also an awsome Space Jockey concept art with what appears to be a shoulder canon that greatly resembles the Predators'. This is J1138776948 signing off.

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  • J1138776948

    This is my Introduction to the story I'm working on. It's a book version of the up coming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Enjoy!

    "Why are they doing this to us? I knew the Weyland-Yutani Corp. had something with the Xenomorphs, but I never thought they would go this far. We were sent back to LV-426 to reportedly clean up the incident in Hadley's hope. That is not their true purpose. They want them. On top of all this they are replacing us with those lifeless robots. My men are scattered or dead and... what's that?... This is Private James, date, twenty-one eighty-five. I gotta get outta here!"

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  • J1138776948

    I have spent awhile thinking about this and I have come to some possible conclusions. We last saw Dark heading off to Xenomorph Prime. Obviously, the Alien homeworld is overrun by Xenomorphs. So what does this mean for Dark's (And the USCM) survival? Well at the end of the USCM campaign, it seemed to indicate that Weyland-Yutani Corp. seemed to own at least a small section of Xenomorph Prime. If this is true, then Dark should more than likely be able to handle the situation. Another thing is that Dark has a ship full of Predators. This means even though it will come at a cost, victory should be at hand. According to the comics, Xenomorph Prime has small plots of land that aren't infected by the Aliens. This would most likely be the land th…

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