Hi i am writing a new book called: Alien Sigma and I have created this blog to basically talk and discuss my ideas.

The book is split into to parts, one is the main human character called John/ Jo and the second part is wriiten in the aliens point of view ( alien sigma or just sigma), and continuely switches between the to storys throughout the book.

The human story.

I will give you the prologue to the first part of the human story.

" The year 2109 mankind is realising its dream of reaching the stars. The population is growing too rapidly for humanity to survive just on the planet earth. A new world is needed. So they begin colonising planets within their solar system.

A.O 1, A small Weyland -Yutani colonial outpost on the Neptune moon, Ariel, was one of the first places to be colonised by people and is prized by the Weyland-Yutani corporation for being its crown jewel in the terraforming industry. With its sapphire blue ocean and fields of jade green grass it was a truly beautiful place to live. Ariel is home to 450 people. Most of which farm the rich grasslands with cattle and sheep.

However the prosperity of Ariel is short lived as a team of biological scientists and colonial marines set up camp at the terraforming plant and uses it as a base of operations. Every day new ships arrive, dropping off new equipment and supplies to the base.

Meanwhile two brothers dream of a life better than what Ariel can provide.

A dream that is short lived. "


Basically the human story focuses on two brothers, John and Billy Mathews, which are infact twins. since birth they have shared a empathic and psyhic linkto each other. They lived a quiet , peaceful life on Airel until the Weylan-yutani corp moved a scientific research outpost on the moon. soon after their arrival Billy is called to honor his contract to the company. Soon after the company reveals he died in a tragic accident. After several weeks John begins getting terrible visions of a creature in a lab. Undergoinng chilling experiments. Soon later during one of his visions a fast monsterous entity appears before him like a ghost. The creature commands Jo to infiltrate the nuclear power stations on the otherside of the planet and cut the power to the moon by any means nessercary. John then horriffically finds himself immediatly obeying these commands to deadly accuraccy. He kills several people trying to complete his mission but finally gains control of himself after the attempt in murder of his bestfriend. John horrified by his actions tries to commit suicide by electricuting himself.

That is the end of part one.

The alien story.

The second part of the book is in the alien point of view and instead of writing the basic plot I will give you the first paragraph.

  • " Screems of extreme pain echoing all arround me. I must break free. My prision is to small I can barely move, there only one thing for it..push. i must push forward. More screaming this time so close. I must escape. The walls of my prision seem to be week enough for me to break through, I will break free. Under the deafoning screams of agony I can hear something else.. its my family, they are calling me ... they need my help i must get out. Those were my very first thoughts, and now as I look down, back at that disgusting body... to think this was the creature i was born in... the smell... it makes me feel sick. the stink of fear and pain that feels the air arround this corpse... i am glad that it is dead......."


This story takes place during the events of the previous section. However is seen through the eyes and mind of a alien named Sigma. It follows Sigma's attempts to escape and help set free the queen or the " sovereign or matriarch" as Sigma calls it. during the story Sigma seems to be expressing vivide emotions inclueding mercy. This in turn sets Sigma in a internal war with its mind. On the Discovery of these emotions the queen see's Sigma as a inpure abomination and a threat to the hive, resulting in the queen commanding the hive to attack and destroy Sigma if they get the chance.

This part of the alien story ends here and switches back to the human story.


Although most of the alien films and books helped to inspire my ideas for this book, what motivated me most of all was the avp game realeased in 2010. Particularly the alien campaign. When i began playin g i really enjoyed seeing the game from the aliens point of view, something i realised could be explored further.


All comments are welcome, postive and negative as I will try to make changes to the book ( and the blog) as much as i can ( while trying to keep true to my idea). Also i can not decide on a couple of names for my charracters so I will be happy to take any suggestions.

The charaters I need named are:

  1. Jo's best friend - jo's best friend will have a majour part in the human story. they have a very good relationship and he/she plays a pivital role in keeping Jo human.
  1. Captin of the colonial marines - a well experianced soldier. he has seen many wars and has the scars to proove it. he has a very strict dominating nature.
  2. Second in charge scientist - she will have a major role in the alien story as she will be "responsible for Sigma" she has a well worn face, very inviting happy expression. however dont judge a book by it cover , she is as cold hearted and ruthless as the aliens themselves.