i am creating this blog to express my veiw of what the xenomorph life cycle is.

  1. the egg
  2. facehugger
  3. chestburster
  4. alien flat dome
  5. alien ridge dome
  6. alien preatorian
  7. alien queen.

this is what i think the alien life cylce is.

i don't belive that their is a drone or a warrior, because infact their are the same thing but at different stages of maturity.

the reasons for this is that in alien, alien3, alien resurection and avp all the aliens created begin harvesting prey and protecting the hive very quickly without time to mature. where as in aliens they have had several weeks to mature into the ridge domed " warrior". however avp requim is different. i belive this is because the predalien has elovated levels of maturity becuase of the yautja host, which may have passed on to all the embryos the predalien created. also it is revealed that the prealien in avp R is going through a defencive state hence the reason for the facehugger like oviposter in its mouth. prehaps in order to defend itself, it created embryos that mature to their adult size very quickly so that they would be strong enough to deal with the threat. which would also make sence due to the fact that ridge aliens ( stage 2 adults) are usually bigger, stronger and smarter than the dome heads ( stage 1 adults).