• J.deexeno

    my new alien book

    October 29, 2010 by J.deexeno

    Hi i am writing a new book called: Alien Sigma and I have created this blog to basically talk and discuss my ideas.

    The book is split into to parts, one is the main human character called John/ Jo and the second part is wriiten in the aliens point of view ( alien sigma or just sigma), and continuely switches between the to storys throughout the book.

    I will give you the prologue to the first part of the human story.

    " The year 2109 mankind is realising its dream of reaching the stars. The population is growing too rapidly for humanity to survive just on the planet earth. A new world is needed. So they begin colonising planets within their solar system.

    A.O 1, A small Weyland -Yutani colonial outpost on the Neptune moon, Ariel, was one of the f…

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  • J.deexeno

    alien life cylce

    October 21, 2010 by J.deexeno

    i am creating this blog to express my veiw of what the xenomorph life cycle is.

    1. the egg
    2. facehugger
    3. chestburster
    4. alien flat dome
    5. alien ridge dome
    6. alien preatorian
    7. alien queen.

    this is what i think the alien life cylce is.

    i don't belive that their is a drone or a warrior, because infact their are the same thing but at different stages of maturity.

    the reasons for this is that in alien, alien3, alien resurection and avp all the aliens created begin harvesting prey and protecting the hive very quickly without time to mature. where as in aliens they have had several weeks to mature into the ridge domed " warrior". however avp requim is different. i belive this is because the predalien has elovated levels of maturity becuase of the yautja host, which may…

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  • J.deexeno

    i have wondered for a long time whether aliens were male or female.

    i heard one story that said:

    drones, warriors and preatorians were male and queens were female.

    another that says:

    they are all neither male nor female but something inbetween.

    and finally:

    that all the aliens are female becuase they can all turn from warrior to queen.

    personally i feel that they are both sort of due to the fact the are all capable of becoming queens. and also becuase they probably did not follow the same evolutionary path as life on this planet, so they are infact asexual. becuase if they were all female then the species would die out. there would be have to be at least one male to breed with the queen wouldnt there? in which case a male alien probably a "king" …

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