• Herashr

    Whimsical Art

    April 3, 2015 by Herashr

    Published in Ballistic Publishings Expose 8 as a double page spread 5 artists worked to created Alien vs. Predator in different sorts of competitions. It was used as part of an ad campaign for Sky Digital New Zealand through DDB New Zealand and received a Master award in the Whimsical category. Full size pictures of each match: pool, chess and tetherball can be seen at the end of this blog.

    Credited Artists are:

    Predator - Benjamin Parry

    Alien - Andre McGrail

    Compositing - David Partridge

    Retouching - Andy Salisbury

    Art Director - Gavin Siakimotu

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  • Herashr

    So I get that I have a very unusual point of view on things, being a dork who loves anything unusual or different especially if it relates to Alien or Predator. So when I started learning more about my favorite fashion designer Alexander McQueen who lost his battle with mental illness, as many great artists do, to suicide, I saw these shoes...Alien inspired or what???!!! Needless to say I (and most people) could never walk properly in them, but man do I want them!!

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  • Herashr

    Predator vs. Batman

    April 2, 2015 by Herashr

    I read Predator versus Batman a long time ago, and Batman won. Which is ok, fair, but given the Predator community didn't he just make himself a big target? Wouldn't they observe all his contingency plans and come back adjusted for them? Or did he earn enough respect to be left alone? He was not rewarded or blooded that I can remember, any ideas?

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