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aka とある古いハリネズミ

  • I live in Beijing
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  • General Wild Dog

    This another original script of Alien 3 that I found very interesting, but different from William Gibson's work, it presents no returning characters, thus may displease those who're expecting familiar faces from James Cameron's Aliens. Which one of the two scripts are more fascinating? I can't decide, but I believe most votes will go to William Gibson's, for it features Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop.








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  • General Wild Dog

    James Cameron's Aliens is undoubtedly pinnacle of entire Alien Franchise, how to exceed pinnacle is the problem to be reckoned with, for Cameron, only another Cameron is capable of besting over him. Thus posed a difficulty to sequel's development: Who can take this responsibility beside Cameron himself? George Lucas or Steven Spielberg? Well, these two are indeed legendary, however they may not proficient at horror genre. Finally, actual Alien 3 movie became a setting in a prison, without guns and gunning down monsters. It was innovative, however somehow disappointing to those who expect large hordes of vicious Xenomorgh and an epic battle against Xenomorgh hordes. Movie is a form of visual arts after all, the basic value of visual arts is…

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  • General Wild Dog

    Alien, as a franchise, always fascinates me to an extreme extent, mainly because the Xenomorgh is among few things capable of scaring me. I can easily see through fabricated ghosts in ghost movies, however Xenomorgh...feels so real, even blurs borderline between fiction and reality. Thus I became captivated to Xenomorgh, just like pre-history human worshiping terrifying objects such as earthquake, thunderstorm, volcano, flood...

    My first experience with Alien/Xenomorgh was in fifth grade of elementary school. It was winter break, I spotted a new game in local arcade center, a SEGA Model 3 Arcade System, titled as "Alien 3: The Gun". My first impression was those monsters (Xenomorgh) in the game were much more "real" and "scary" than those d…

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