I have been thinking about what kind of Alien/Predator movies that wee need to see inorder to actually make Prometheus and AvP and all the other films make sense.  So I have a list of ideas that I think would be perfect for Fox to make.  Hell, if any execituves from Fox reads this they can copy the ideas and not give me a fucking dime since they all make sense and would be intersting to see.

Predator 5 Idea

A Predator film in space.  Come on, we all want to see this happen.

Reasons Why this Needs to Happen

Colonial Marines vs. Predator.  Nuff fucking said.

Prometheus 3

Would involve a group of mercenaries hearing Shaw's warning signal she left at the end on Prometheus and going to the planet to investigate, and instead of finding anything worth while, they find the Deacon.


  • We need to see what happens to the Deacon.

Alien 5

Modern day set Alien film.  Sees some marines sent in for a mission in the middle east and when they get to their objective they find the small town infested with Xeno's.  Predator ship crashes after being taken out by a Super Predator ship - same group from PRedator 3 - and the Predator ship has eggs on it, and thats how the Xeno's get there.


  • Dialogue could mention Weyland Corp and Weyland Industries having a merger or being bought out.  Would fix the whole fuck up regarding WY that Prometheus made.
  • Gives nods to the Predator films, which is something no Alien films have done so far.

Alien 6

Takes place after Sea of Sorrows.

WY digs their way through the ice on Bouvetoya and finds the Alien Queen from AvP.  They unthaw Hicks from cryo sleep and flash bask show what happened after the end of CM.  They interogate Hick's about how they should go about Xenomorph containment.  Ripley 8 and the merc's from Resurection show up at the facility and shit hits the fan when the Aliens get loose.  Curcumstances cause Hicks to kill Ripley 8, which devastates him since he had an attachment to the original Ripley.


  • We need to know what happens after CM
  • We need to know what happens after Resurrection
  • We get to see Hick's alive
  • End of Ripley's story

Alien vs. Predator 3

Would take place in the future.  Similair to the AvP comic book.


  • We need a good AvP film and the original comic was pretty good.
  • Good way to finish the franchise.

Well, these are some ideas that I think Fox should make movies along the lines of.  the ideas pretty much fix  the clusterfuck Prometheus made.