okay just watched the movie and it was okay! their was a bunch of things i didnt like and wished i could have seen more of! much wondering around wasint really exiting

2.when isabel shoots the alien creature chasing edwin we didnt really get to much of a good look at the creature! we dont know if its intelligent or if its just an animal

3.we didnt see nolands weapon in action! i cant make sense of if its an energy based weapon or something that shoots spikes???? notes: when the alien creature chasing edwin the creature gets hit you dont see any energy burst or w.e you call it! you dont see or hear anything that of an predator energy based weapon..if it was an energy weapon the creature would have exploded...

4.noland dies!!!!???wtffffff for 7-10 years he survived and he gets killed right away wtf!...his character was cool and shouldnt have made him try to kill the royce and the others! he should have survived!

5.didnt see that flying scouting creature in action!

6.those skinned things coldunt make sense of what they were but guess thats fine..

7. the black predators werent very good dispite they were much better than the regular predator

8.the vegitasion and the jungle didnt look or feel like an alien planet! should have been like the film avatar with many weird plants and stuff

9.should have had more action and weirdness and scariness

their is more but cant remember anymore from the movie! have to see it again

guys tell me your toughs im very interested!