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Im not sure if were allowed to make fanon pages, im sorry if i broke the rules if i did i will never do it again :(

Anyways, this blog is about my new fake game called AVP Darkess or AVP IIII. You can play as a Xenomorph, Predator or Colonial Marine. Of course there are no glitches, it's not even real... yet. Anyway, here are the features.

-Aliens can now attack from the ceiling.

-You can harvest or collect trophies whenever you want now.

-Predators have new weapons like a xenomorph spawner that spawns a xenomorph that obeys you, and a Xenomorph Mind Meld.

-You can play as the Facehugger, Chestburster, Xenomorph and Xenomorph Queen (if you absorbed at least 20 Royal Jelly).

-You can now create your own type of Xenomorph with the Facehugger Impreganation Mode or FiM (wtf, FiM? Okay, that is just a coincidence.) which allows you to impreganate anything you come across, be it a racoon, pidgeon and yes, even a sofa. You can cancel impreganation, too.

-After you finish the Predator or Xenomorph campaign, you can roam around free, and you can choose levels to replay. As the Predator, you get to roam around Yaujta Prime.

-Marines now have more weapons like shotguns and nukes.

If you would like to suggest more features, just comment and i'll add it to this thread.

-Added by Kikibombon: You shed into a Praetorian when you absorb 5 Royal Jelly. And also, you have to molt into a Praetorian, but you can choose to become a queen or not.

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