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New xenomorphs

Hi these are some ideas for new Xenomorph types:


Genetic facehuggers- Royal facehuggers that are exposed to radiation and have the unique ability to infect three hosts; two with Slasher chestbursters and one with a Slasher Queen chestburster


Backbursters- chestbursters that emerge from their hosts' back; usually in pairs.

Brainbursters- chestbursters that when they are ready to emerge, they move up to and break out of the top of the hosts' head.


Cloned Predaliens- these predaliens come out of predators that have been cloned; they have green acid blood.

Slashers- these Xenomorphs have sharp blades for their hands; they attack anything that moves around the hive, including other non Slasher type Xenomorphs

Reapers- these Xenomorphs are praetorian Slashers; they will only attack non Xenomorph life forms.

Slasher queen- These Xenomorphs are queens devolped from a Slasher or a Reaper.

Gliders- these Xenomorphs are birthed from birds; they have bird-like hindlegs.

Swoopers- these Xenomorphs are Praetorian Gliders; they also have ridged skulls like warriors.

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