Deathblade 100

aka Arrow TT33

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Xenomorph
  • I am Male
  • Deathblade 100

    I have a few theories why the Predators skin some of their victims.

    1. They see the person as weak or pathetic.
    2. They do it as a warning.  (Wolf from AVP-R skinning Deputy Ray) or
    3. It's another way of taking trophies.

    What's your opinion?

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  • Deathblade 100

    I've decided to novelise Aliens: Colonial Marines. I'm going to change the story a bit and get rid of the "Do this, kill that" feel from the game. I'm also going to give the marines the same weapons from the film to keep it around the same time. I'm also going to expand some of the marines background stories and add some background to the new Xenomorphs that appeared in the game. I will also add how some of the Marines got their nicknames.

    So leave me your ideas about the novelisation.

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  • Deathblade 100

    New AVP novel

    August 20, 2014 by Deathblade 100

    Hi, I'm about to write an AVP novel.

    It's all about a Predator dispatched to a planet to stop Weyland Yutani from cloning Predators. While on the planet, a smart Xenomorph Warrior/Drone releases a dozen facehuggers and warriors to find the Queen that's trapped on the planet. The Predator also discovers that a fellow clan has gone rogue and is using the cloned Predators as hosts for Predaliens. Also a human medical ship arrives on the planet.

    What do you think the title of the story should be? What do you think about the story?

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  • Deathblade 100

    Novelising AVP:R

    August 18, 2014 by Deathblade 100

    I am currently making a novelisation on Aliens Vs Predator Requiem. I know what many of you will be thinking, but it may help explain some of the flaws in the movie. I have never written a novelisation of anything before but it should prove interesting. If you have any advice please leave it in the comments section below. Thanks.

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  • Deathblade 100

    Predator clans

    August 15, 2014 by Deathblade 100

    I know their are multiple clans in the AVP series, so I'm running down a list of clans from the Predator and AVP franchises.

    1. Jungle Hunter Clan- appears in Predator and Predators
    2. Los Angeles Hunting Party- appears in Predator 2
    3. AVP Clan- appears in AVP
    4. Dark Blade Clan- appears in Predator:Concrete Jungle
    5. Predator Clan- appears in AVP:R
    6. Elite Clan- appears in AVP 3
    7. Young Blood Pack- appears in AVP 3
    8. Super Predator Clan- appears in Predators

    Please advise me if I've left any out.

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