Aliens Colonial Marines Ps3, Xbox 360, PC, Nitendo DS and Wii U

Gearbox president: Randy Pitchford beleives this game is the "true sequel" to Aliens. Gearbox are working closely with 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott.

They show a demo version about the game and during the demo.

Their is a new alien speices in the game it is believe that the new alien might be a "bull alien" or mutation of a warrior that might have been affected or mutated by radation.

It shows the new alien having a very strong head similar to a triceratops but diffrent. The head beleived to be so strong that pulse rifles are useless on it.

During the demo

2 marines running out into the wasteland until they are greeted by a number of aliens and alonside with them is the new alien it shows it's larger than reqular xeomorphs once the marines realise their weapons are useless. The marines retreat and regroup with other marines in a bunker closing the door as the new alien smashes the door and bending the door inward.

to see more with the demo go to this link

The Bull alien or Mutant warrior may look like this... Bull Alien

Aliens Colonial Marines

Release spring 2012