AVP films are non-canon to the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchise.

The reason why im writing this on my blog because im sick of people saying the AVP films are a sequel/prequel to the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchise.

i got good reasons for why AVP is NON-CANON.

1. In AVP (Alien vs Predator) mr weyland is a human being and then he gets killed by a predator

that makes no sense because in ALIEN 3 mr weyland states "no im not the bishop android i designed it im very human" this states he is a real human being the real weyland. But you all might say he is android with a diffrent function unit but what kind of a droid bleeds out red liquid instead of white liquid from the preivous films ALIEN ash bleeds out white liquid, ALIENS bishop bleeds white liquid and in ALIEN RESURRECTION another andriod in the future also bleeds white liquid so how come this android bleeds out red. Because its not red liquid its blood like a normal human would do all androids from the past, present and future all bleed white liquid to show humans they are ANDROIDS and also its not just the blood that proofs he is human Mr Aaron hits weyland on the ear with a wrench and then weyland screams in pain and shouts "IM NOT A DROID". He also begged ripley to not kill the alien androids don't show any begness or pity. ALIEN 3 was made in the 1990s and AVP was made in 2004 ALIEN 3 shows the real weyland the creator of the androids and the boss of the weyland industries weyland is CANON while weyland in AVP is NON-CANON.

2. PREDATOR 2 show an alien skull in the trophy case you may think predators actually kill aliens which makes AVP canon. No the producers of PREDATOR 2 only use the alien skull to "show off " of what diffrent species the predator hunted. That means the producers wern't being seroius they were just showing off to see the fans reaction to it. Alien skull is NON CANON and the AVP films are NON CANON.

3. AVP the explorers were trapped inside a sacrafical chamber and then the facehuggers facehugged the explorers and minutes later the facehuggers are off their faces and then chestbursters come out. This was wrong because in ALIEN one of the crew were facehugged and it couldn't come off until a few HOURS then again in ALIEN RESURRECTION ripley 8 stated to a victim with a chestburster "in a couple of hours its going burst out your ripcage and your gonna die." Ripley 8 has the DNA of the queen which she knows it takes hours for it to burst out its host, its impossible for the alien to burst outs its host in minutes. Alien takes hours to burst out its host is CANON and Alien takes minutes to burst out its host is NON CANON.

4. AVPR shows the warrior aliens or aliens with the "ridget heads" they start as fachuggers facehugged the homeless people they burst out and already become warriors. This would mean they are diffrent species but actually they are drones only they got older showing their "ridgets" on its head. The drone in ALIEN only been in the ship for less than 24 hours in ALIENS they have been in the facility for weeks and also when the chestburster came out its head was smooth and in AVPR the chesterbursters looked already ridget they are not diffrent species they are in fact drones only older.

5. Humans just discovered the xenomorphs on LV426 discovering the very first lifeform from another planet and planning to use them for the bioweapons diversion and in AVP + AVPR are showing humans discovering xenomorphs on earth this was wrong. Because humans discovering xenomorphs would have been given info to weyland industries in the 21st century but in the ALIEN franchise set in the future they just discovered a new lifeform. LV426 contains xenomorphs is CANON and earth containing xenomorphs is NON CANON.

6. The predators in AVP are big, bulky, heavy lifted hunters but in the PREDATOR and PREDATOR 2 are shown to be a little bulky like a soldier but not very heavily bulky like a oversized wrestler. This was wrong oversized bulky predators are NON CANON.

7. AVP + AVPR are stated by the producers as a prequel and sequel to the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchise BUT since the new film PREDATORS and upcoming ALIEN prequel PROMETHEUS the producers of PREDATORS stated "we are ignoring the AVP films they have nothing to do with franchise". Since the film was a sucess than the AVP films. Ridley scott's PROMETHEUS is going to show the origin of the xenomorphs the AVP films are no longer part to the PREDATOR and ALIEN franchise, the AVP films are now NON CANON.

This concludes my blog and thankyou for reading.