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    Since Prometheus their are many questions of why the engineers try to destroy us.

    Many theories from fans trying to solve the question here are theories?

    1. Violence

    In the scene where Peter Weyland and David meet the engineer one of the crew started hurting Elizabeth and the Engineer started to go violent on David and Weyland why? because he disliked of what his creations (humans) do to eachother in a voilent matter which he thinks all of earth is violent which droved him into killing all men or clean the voilence.

    Similar to Noah's Ark where God saw Violence and wickeness all over the world and decided to flood the world to clean the evil of his creations.

    2. Jesus Christ

    Some say 2,000 years ago a engineer came to earth and was cruicfied by h…

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  • Daniel large

    Prometheus and AVP

    June 21, 2012 by Daniel large


    I see theirs a problem

    Im Sorry.

    I did not mean to insult anyone I didn't think people would get insulted of the word "AVP Fanboy" It just a sarcasim title not to be taken seriously its just a blog of my oppions about the difference of AVP and Alien Franchise.

    I love AVP as everyone does I just don't find them canon in my oppion.

    But I decided by my choice to delete everything because I want to keep calm and civil like a respectable person I don't want trouble.

    My blog is completely gone, does not exist and hope things turn up better.

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    Aliens Colonial Marines Ps3, Xbox 360, PC, Nitendo DS and Wii U

    Gearbox president: Randy Pitchford beleives this game is the "true sequel" to Aliens. Gearbox are working closely with 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott.

    They show a demo version about the game and during the demo.

    Their is a new alien speices in the game it is believe that the new alien might be a "bull alien" or mutation of a warrior that might have been affected or mutated by radation.

    It shows the new alien having a very strong head similar to a triceratops but diffrent. The head beleived to be so strong that pulse rifles are useless on it.

    During the demo

    2 marines running out into the wasteland until they are greeted by a number of aliens and alonside with them is the new alie…

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    AVP films are non-canon to the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchise.

    The reason why im writing this on my blog because im sick of people saying the AVP films are a sequel/prequel to the ALIEN and PREDATOR franchise.

    i got good reasons for why AVP is NON-CANON.

    1. In AVP (Alien vs Predator) mr weyland is a human being and then he gets killed by a predator

    that makes no sense because in ALIEN 3 mr weyland states "no im not the bishop android i designed it im very human" this states he is a real human being the real weyland. But you all might say he is android with a diffrent function unit but what kind of a droid bleeds out red liquid instead of white liquid from the preivous films ALIEN ash bleeds out white liquid, ALIENS bishop bleeds white liquid and …

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