The Alien and Predator Show is a American 2012 animated comedy television series based off the world-
Alien and predator show

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famous movie monsters from Aliens vs Predator and Alien and Predator franchises. It will premiere on August 18th. The show is rated TV-PG.


Alien-(voiced by Eric Bauza) Eccentric and cheery, yet dim-witted, Alien has been enjoying life under Predator's roof for several years with no girlfriend and Predotor is his only friend. Alien's extreme personality and outrageous behavior always make life more interesting (and complicated). He likes comic books.

Predator-(voiced by Tom Kenny) The more responsible of the duo, he is usually cool, laid-back, and confident, Predator is Alien's roomate and is known to be quite crafty at some points in the show. He likes pizza and is a master at Halo: Reach.

Bob-(voiced by Jess Harnell) Alien and Predator's bad-tempered neighbor, he has anger issues, is a liar and a poor sport.

Steve-(voiced by Frank Welker) Quick-witted and a sports All-star, Steve gives good advice to Alien and Predator.


Alien and Predator are roommates living in an apartment in New York City, and the most everyday thing always tend to end up in bizzare and hilarious adventures.


Episode 1: Night of the living Brat

Alien and Predator decide to get some money by babysitting a bratty little girl. But she keeps beating them up because she doesn't get what she wants(like Chocolate Milk). How long can Alien and Predator survive.

Episode 2: Bad boys in Jail

After Alien accidentally destroys the Empire State Building, he and Predator end up in Jail. They try to bust out several times. Will they succeed?

Episode 3: Anger Mismanagement

Alien and Predator try to help Bob control his extreme anger issues.

Episode 4: Halo 5

When Predator discovers that a new Halo game came out, he tries to get it, but it's sold out. So, he tries to sneak into Bob's room at night to steal his copy, much to Alien's objections.

Episode 5 Alien's cousin

Alien's French cousin visits the house, much to Predator's delight and Aliens' Chagrin.

Episode 6: The Prank Calls Episode

Alien and Predator are bored one day and decide to do some prank calls on people. They prank call, Bob, Steve, Godzilla, and some fat guy. But, Alien accidentally takes it too far by prank calling the President of Russia. Thinking that Alien and Predator are invaders planning to kill them, The President of Russia sends Russian soldiers to Alien and Predator's home in America to capture them. Now, Alien and Predator have to fight off Russians attacking their home.

More episodes coming soon.

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