Aliens: Unleashed is a video game based off the Aliens franchise.



Cover box Art

Taking place after Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, it is revealed there is one surviving alien egg remaining. It is taken to a facility in Staten Island, New York, for study. It breaks out and makes its way to Manhattan. And that's when the game begins.


Most Aliens games pit you as a human trying to survive the aliens. This time, you get to BE the Alien! The Game takes place in a New York enviroment that's more open world than EVER BEFORE! Of course, there's free roam, where you can run around the city killing people. You have a unique arsenal of devastating attacks, like your immense strength, your acid blood, and of course your tail which the alien uses to gore people in the movies. The enviroments are COMPLETELY destructible. It has a gameplay similar to the game 'Prototype', except not as bloody or gory. The army, of course, will come after you if you destroy and kill enough things. Either run away from them, or fight them off to get rid of them. It's intense mayhem, destruction, and carnage.

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Gameplay photo

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