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  • Cloverfield monster

    The Alien and Predator Show is a American 2012 animated comedy television series based off the world-famous movie monsters from Aliens vs Predator and Alien and Predator franchises. It will premiere on August 18th. The show is rated TV-PG.

    Alien-(voiced by Eric Bauza) Eccentric and cheery, yet dim-witted, Alien has been enjoying life under Predator's roof for several years with no girlfriend and Predotor is his only friend. Alien's extreme personality and outrageous behavior always make life more interesting (and complicated). He likes comic books.

    Predator-(voiced by Tom Kenny) The more responsible of the duo, he is usually cool, laid-back, and confident, Predator is Alien's roomate and is known to be quite crafty at some points in the show…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Aliens: Unleashed is a video game based off the Aliens franchise.

    Taking place after Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, it is revealed there is one surviving alien egg remaining. It is taken to a facility in Staten Island, New York, for study. It breaks out and makes its way to Manhattan. And that's when the game begins.

    Most Aliens games pit you as a human trying to survive the aliens. This time, you get to BE the Alien! The Game takes place in a New York enviroment that's more open world than EVER BEFORE! Of course, there's free roam, where you can run around the city killing people. You have a unique arsenal of devastating attacks, like your immense strength, your acid blood, and of course your tail which the alien uses to gore people in the mo…

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