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June 8, 2011
  • Chowchow48

    I am in love with the Predator franchise. I like the action, the science, and also the deep meaning. Predators had a lot of meaning, such as the classic predator sacrificing himself for Royce.

    I am also a fan of this site, am glad to be a new member.

    Movies I've watched:

    • Alien (partially)
    • Predator
    • Predator 2
    • Predators

    I'm ordering AVP, but do you think I should watch the other Alien series first?

    I'm also trying to convince my parents to order a Predator halloween costume. ;)

    There are 2 things I want to contribute to the community, if you don't mind.

    My ideas for a "Predator 3" and a "Predators" sequel.

    Predator 3**

    We've had a Jungle Hunter, a City Hunter, who's ready for a Farm Hunter?

    Well I thought this up a while ago, so I don't remember who I wa…

    Read more >

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