Ok so I just got A:CM on PS3 and finished it two days, on the HARDEST difficulty and know what... I enjoyed it.

The graphics are not great but I still play old Sonic games, Conflict; Desert Storm and Prince of Persia on PS2 it was not an issue for me.

The AI are not perfect, but neither was Skyrim's, COD's, AC's or even Batman AC (yeah I said it) , Adventuers walked into walls, terrorists didn't take cover, guards drowned themsevles and inmates would ruin your combos by standing in places they shouldn't be.

A lot of people didn't like giving their beloved pulse rifle attachments but A:CM did it better than nearly every other triple A shooter and I'll take a scope over an iron sight anyday.

This game was going to be a sequal to Aliens, so yeah it was going to be a slugfest (not a horror), and we shouldn't have suspected otherwise.

The gave nostalgia and also introduced new ideas as well as a 'decent' cliffhanger.

Now my complaints;

The cutscenes were stuffy, the volume kept stopping or somthing (I'm sure there is a word for it, but I don't know it).

The characters were lame, O'Neal and Bella's character was all over the place, Keyes was an idiot but every character treated him like a dead king and Cruz kept secerets for no other reason than to keep the plot unpredictable (Hicks...? really?).

Now the story was... well... it was far fetched and Hicks' survival could have easily been explained in a flashback, (they had plenty of time to do such a thing) you no so people would be saying "saying HEY Hicks survived YAAAY!" instead of "Aww bullsh**"

What they advertised was waaay better "how many fingers am I holding up?... his fine" and I really dislike false advertising 'coff Avatar 'choke.

Any-who you know that big PMC with the smartgun and the beffy health bar? I'm convinced it's a combat Android, it did not bleed when I shot it and in had a strange scream, what do you guys think?

Ignoring the false advertising I'd say this game is a 7/10 in light that people will dissagree with, it was nearly the Alien game we all wanted after all.