I know there is already heaps of blogs on this but hears my idea for a AVP game.

1. Weyland-Yutani as a playable faction, they are in all the AVP FPS games, and they have some pretty cool guys in their corner.

2. Instead of just playing as one character in each campaign how about two! Example; Predator you play as Dark for most of the time but you also play as another Pred who has net gun instead of a plasma caster, stars instead of smart disk ect. Alien; The other alien is a drone so can spit acid but can't take the same amount of punishment and don't regerate as as fast.

3. Since Rookie spends his time up in the aliens face how about give him an acid-proof tomahawk-like weapon (like what Royce used) and give the pistol ammo.

4. Predator should have more fluid movment.

5. Alien... less movment.

6. More varied bosses like; Elite Combat Androids, Marine Officers, Super Black Preds, Razor Claws, Empress and Mechs.

7. Extra modes (it makes no sence for these guys to be on their own) a series of extra missions that can be played Splitscreen or online. Example; Pred; kill all targets without being detected (targets being placed so no single player can succed on their own) Aliens; Assault the fortress (the players along witha large number of AI have to penerate a building filled with ComAndroids and sentry turrents. Marine; Kill team (hunt down and kill the Predator)

8. Competitive Multiplayer can be played online and offline.

9. "Wanna have me some fun tonight" as Pred's theme/ the Alien theme for the Aliens/ a Rock n' Roll theme for the Marines and a Techno for WY.

10. Finaly more sections where you see two or more factions duking it out.

What are your thoughts.