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    I thought on serveral occasions wouldn't it be cool to see a Predator fight something out of time.

    I've read people suggest Nazi's and dinosaurs like raptors and a T-rex.

    But wouldn't be cool to see the Predator take out a Holy Knight that would awsome, an honour fulled battle!

    Or maybe ninjas two stealth nuts going at it.

    Maybe seeing a Predator take out a unit of redcoats.

    A Predator blowing up a pirate ship.

    Or hell a group of Spartans.

    What do you guys think?

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  • CaptainGreen18

    There have been quite a few theories about Xenomorph hives, lifespan and life cycle... It has been speculated that a Queen can live for thousands of years, Preatorians are young Queens, the nest is dried up slime (that same stuff that comes out of there mouth), the dominat Drones replace the dead Queen (This seems to be the case in AVP, as we Six see replaced the Matriarch), the Matriarch herself is an older Queen and Crushers and Preatorians are simply older aliens in the latter's case a warrior and the former's a Runner.

    Others speculate that Boilers are extremly old or even possibly natrual Xenos, Queen Facehuggers if given the chance can impregnate more than two hosts, it has also been suggested that there are no male Xenos as all the r…

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  • CaptainGreen18

    Welcome to LV-426

    April 15, 2013 by CaptainGreen18

    Ok so I just got A:CM on PS3 and finished it two days, on the HARDEST difficulty and know what... I enjoyed it.

    The graphics are not great but I still play old Sonic games, Conflict; Desert Storm and Prince of Persia on PS2 it was not an issue for me.

    The AI are not perfect, but neither was Skyrim's, COD's, AC's or even Batman AC (yeah I said it) , Adventuers walked into walls, terrorists didn't take cover, guards drowned themsevles and inmates would ruin your combos by standing in places they shouldn't be.

    A lot of people didn't like giving their beloved pulse rifle attachments but A:CM did it better than nearly every other triple A shooter and I'll take a scope over an iron sight anyday.

    This game was going to be a sequal to Aliens, so yeah …

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    Fan Theory

    March 18, 2013 by CaptainGreen18

    We all know that in Prometheus the humans discover that the Space-Jockys created the Xenos, and in the Alien series it is implyed that the Xenos have never been on earth, yet AVP contradics this...

    Well what if a Space-Jocky ship went through a worm-hole (after all the Space-Jokys have mastered crashing their ships) travelled through time crashed, where it's cargo was discovered by Predators who went on a expedition to find a planet to breed the Xenos. They find the back-water planet and rewrite history, alternative timeline between the events of Alien and AVP.

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  • CaptainGreen18

    It's just a game idea

    February 26, 2013 by CaptainGreen18

    I know there is already heaps of blogs on this but hears my idea for a AVP game.

    1. Weyland-Yutani as a playable faction, they are in all the AVP FPS games, and they have some pretty cool guys in their corner.

    2. Instead of just playing as one character in each campaign how about two! Example; Predator you play as Dark for most of the time but you also play as another Pred who has net gun instead of a plasma caster, stars instead of smart disk ect. Alien; The other alien is a drone so can spit acid but can't take the same amount of punishment and don't regerate as as fast.

    3. Since Rookie spends his time up in the aliens face how about give him an acid-proof tomahawk-like weapon (like what Royce used) and give the pistol ammo.

    4. Predator shou…

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