• Burgesh-Kal

    Humans, Xenomorphs, Yautja, all against one another all the time, but this is not so. For a time Yautja were "gods" and after AvP and Predator 2 we were given proof that Predators and Humans can coexist. When one Yautja goes against all laws and mates with a human he is killed, but being of honor, the Yautja would not punish the abnormal offspring, but instead adhere it to Their ways. This is Venator, not Human, nor Yautja, but instead the peak of both species. All the Yautjas' strengths, and all the Humans' strengths. The Preduman, or Dey-Yautja(Pre-Yautja) can pull off acrobatics like a Human and still go mask-to-maw against a Xenomorph toe-to-the-line with Yautja. Venator's Yautja based abilities are 7/10's the normal Yautja(being 10/10…

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