What do you think of China? Would you like China tour? It leads you to visit the most famous places and scenic spots covering all over China. A wonderful China tour must be a china package tour to enjoy many famous cities. Offered by local China travel agency, China tour packages include various interesting routes, such as Best China Tour, Yangtze River Cruise Tour, Tibet Tour, Silk Road Tour, etc. All these spotlights tour routes provide complete China travel service to everyone who wants to wander in China to view its majestic scenery.
Refer to China, you must think of Beijing which is the capital city for long time. Almost everyone hears its name, no matter its political status, economical status or the famous heritages. As ancient capital of China, Beijing inherited various historical sites and cultural relics which are all the worthy places to visit in Beijing, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, etc. With the increasing reputation, Peking tour becomes one of what to do in Beijing. According to the demands of tourists, Beijing travel agency divides Beijing tour into Beijing bus tour, Beijing private tour, Beijing day tour and Beijing tour package generally.
During so many things to see in Beijing , the symbols of Beijing you must visit. The Beijing Great Wall is the sixteen world wonder, is the symbol of Beijing, even China. There is an old saying that one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true man, so everyone visiting Beijing must hike the Great Wall to prove you are a true man; the Forbidden City is located at center of Beijing, is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world, attracts tourists by its special architecture; Peking Roast Duck is the must-taste dish when you come to Beijing, also it is famous all over the world; and the Silk Market is now a shopping mall for foreign tourists who like Chinese traditional products, such as silk, china, etc. These four are all the necessary things to do in beijing.
Besides the highlights in day time, Beijing nigh life is also abundant, including the Peking Opera show, Kung fu show and acrobatics show, and you can also book the night bike tour in summer to enjoy the beautiful night view of Beijing. Happy China tour starts from Beijing!