Some New ideas for breeds of aliens I made up. Will slowly expand. Please tell me what you think.



Similar to the facehugger, but attaches to a dead corpse, instead of a living host. Can't implant a heavly damaged or decaying corpse. The chestburster eats most of the corpse before emerging. Will not attack a living creature, actualy are sefe to be around, however will use their acidic blood for defense if attacked. Identified by a shorter tail, due to the fact that they don't need to choke their victims.



A combo of the Facehugger and the Chestburster. Can implant one embryo into a host. Afterwards matures into an adult. The embryo will always grow to a Razor claws, but will take mutch longer to hatch. However, it's embryo has a 50% chanse of being stillborn. Occur when some of the DNA of the original facehugger gets into the host. Identified by a purple coloration.


Model- 5

Geneticly engineered by a mysterious race, they ware going to be the ultimate bioweapon. Sold on a extensive market as personal body guards and rented as mercinaries, they were sentient, but geneticly programed for absolute loyality. Worker beautfuly. Then, everyiting went horribly wrong. Those made in a lab were loyal, those made from a facehugger, were not. Soon, war broke loose. Those still loyal fought hard, but were soon killed. After only 5 years, the whole race were Aliens. Characterised by extreme jumping and ambush abilities, sentiance, speech, a very shiny, solid black colored armor, a blade like extrousion on their tails, sleek areodynamic bodies ideal for running, and hunting abilities riviling the predators. The facehugger and chestburster stage of this species look and act the same as others. It is impossible to tell it is a Model-5 untill adulthood.


Using special claws, can attach and climb on walls and celings. Excelent at ambush tactics. However, due to the hooks, it can not manipulate small objects or preform complicated tasks. Occur at random.

Well, there you have it. Hope you like it. Please tell me what you think.