In the new game Aliens Colonial Marines we play as the rescue team for the 1st lost rescue and response mission to LV-426. Two Conestoga class ships are dispatched in search of the missing ship U.S.S Sulaco, which was sent to LV-426 in the sequel to "Alien".

From what we have seen in the trailer, there is a marine group call sign Rhino actual; these marines may not even be marines, they could be the leaders of the marines idk. But what I do know is that one of the marines who they call "Private" over the radio, is informing them that both Conestoga class ships (with unknown names) are destroyed. It then shows a cryo chamber room, an alarm sounds and a computer repeatedly informs the crew to evacuate. They all run through the ship and then it shows a dropship getting torn from the hanger bay in rapid timing, the Conestoga (call sign unknown) crash lands on LV-426.