So I noticed that the game "AvP 2010" has begun to die slowly over the years and the release of GTA V and Colonial Marines isn't helping (don't take this the wrong way I love GTA V but A:CM was garbage no offense) even though A:CM was released 8 months ago it is slowly dilipidating as well (maybe even worse than AvP 2010) it is a great game and there is only 3 or 4 Friendly lobbies a day and sometimes only one Ranked lobby or none! So this game needs more players on consoles (I play PS3 where these issues are even worse) I remember the days where Ranked lobbies wouldn't take 10-20 minutes to get into and lobbies would have servers every day plus there would be these 16 player battles. But what happened to all that? So if you have this game lying on your shelf, give it another chance. There is going to be a sequel so we need to show SEGA and Rebellion that it will be worth making to make sure this game is actually active for a good few years so this franchise can keep going (I'm not saying play it all day every day) but try to be a loyal player. Thank you for your time.

AvP 2010