Watched Prometheus for the second time the other night and as I am big fan of the alien movies. This has to be some kind of prequel to alien.? but has left me with too many unanswered questions and lose ends! Don't get me wrong I love the film as a stand alone movie but as for the connections in the movies we gotta have some kind of sequel/prequel to connect it to alien! The fact that the "Space Jockey" or engineers ship is the same the eggs are found in alien..? Or Is the "Xeonmorph" we saw at the end of Prometheus, is that the first of its kind?? But if so how's that explain the aliens being on earth frozen for 1000s of years? (AVP) or the Xeon artwork in the Engineers Pyramid...? Maybe That's what they running from in the Holigram footage they saw?? And what killed all them Engineers? (did they have burst cheasts? I can't remember?) but David said there was other ships on that planet as they espaced on one! Maybe there's a few Xeonmorphs running round on other ships or a face hugger at least that implants the first Queen inside another "Space Jockey" while he is in Hyper sleep like ripely in aliens/alien 3..?? Then it bursts out while he gos to finish mission?? Crashes on lv426 but then if so why didn't that ship have any of them vases on them or maybe they turned in to the eggs?? something like that or at least we need to c that?? Also the Weyland Relations? It's unexplained who Peter is to Charles to and why did they not get Lance Henricksen for the part as is about 104 now I think? The fact they both run & own the Weyland company's at different times with same surnames absolutely means they are father/son/grandad but even with the hyper sleep theory they could even be brothers? Maybe even bring the Predators in the mix, thing is people like me love movie culture and these days like starwars, lord of the rings etc we love back story's and mypholagy I hope we see this on screen in the future? What does anyone think about this or what else they linked but haven't explained in the alien/predator universe...???

Ashley Jedi @ashleyjdj