• Ashley Jedi

    Watched Prometheus for the second time the other night and as I am big fan of the alien movies. This has to be some kind of prequel to alien.? but has left me with too many unanswered questions and lose ends! Don't get me wrong I love the film as a stand alone movie but as for the connections in the movies we gotta have some kind of sequel/prequel to connect it to alien! The fact that the "Space Jockey" or engineers ship is the same the eggs are found in alien..? Or Is the "Xeonmorph" we saw at the end of Prometheus, is that the first of its kind?? But if so how's that explain the aliens being on earth frozen for 1000s of years? (AVP) or the Xeon artwork in the Engineers Pyramid...? Maybe That's what they running from in the Holigram foota…

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