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  • Arigro 'Vadum

    Boiler Origins

    August 20, 2013 by Arigro 'Vadum

    This page is about what people think about how the boiler came to be, I don't want anyone insulting anyone or putting down their idea's, or posting off-topic comments, feel free to post what you think I should add to the poll. I think that the boilers are just Xenomorph who were infected by Bacteria and it 'stuffed up' it body so it looks like it does, and according to Stasis Interrupted they can't be really old Xenomorph from the first hive.

    How do you think the Boiler Came To Be? Infection. Age. Both.

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  • Arigro 'Vadum

    Carrier & Ravager

    August 2, 2013 by Arigro 'Vadum

    I've Been wondering What the Carrier & Ravager would actually look like? Carrier: 15'+ John 'Zero' Smith thinks it should have a head similar to the Cornigus Head for the Lurker. I think it should look similar but more like it's Praetorian Crest has become the Tubes. Ravager: 18'+ John 'Zero' Smith thinks it should have a head similar to the Cristatus Head for the Lurker. Other than that I think they should look Pretty similar to how they were in Alien versus Predator: Extinction only more Xenomorph Black. Will add more Ideas soon. Until Then.

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  • Arigro 'Vadum

    This Talk is CLOSED

    Well I've been wondering for a while what a Warrior form of the Runner would be called, I already have a good idea of what it might look like: It would be somewhat bigger than the Runner, it would be slightly darker and more brownish in coloration, it would start growing short dorsal tubes along it's back like the Crusher, would have overlapping plates on it's head like the Crusher, would be more muscular and overall it would be bigger.

    I had a Poll for a While 2 Votes for Basher, 2 Votes for Sprinter, I've decided to Go with Basher, because it seems more Suited to a Xenomorph that Prefers Direct Combat rather than Stealth and it sounds More suited for something that Probaby can Become a Crusher.

    Note: You will be seeing t…

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