I watched Prometheus last weekend and was wondering about what the movie was about. Scott and Lindeloff said the movie had many conections with christianity, I read about a conection with summerian mithology, specifically about the Anunnaki. But, as Peter Weyland mentions the Titan Prometheus, I read the Hesiod account of the story. The film has many, many more conections to the myth than Christianity, so here´s my Theory:

In mithology, Prometheus was a Titan as his brother Epimetheus, both charged with distribute positive traits to the animals from the creation. Prometheus (which means "forethinking") give mankind the arts (including science and technology) and fire.

This is alluded in the original script in which an Engineer sacrifice himself to enhance primitive humans and advance knowledge every 6,000 years.

Prometheus tricked Zeus into accepting an unsuitable sacrifice giving the humans the edible parts of an ox. This enraged Zeus and he take the fire from the humans. Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods and returned it to humanity. Zeus wrath was further enhanced so he punished Prometheus by orderin an eagle to eat his liver eternally. He created evil, disease and dispair put it in a jar; then ordered Hefaistos, the blacksmith god, to forge a Woman (named Pandora "All gifts") to which receives the Jar (Pandora's box) and sent her to Humanity as a gift from the gods. Humans accepted the gift, and then Pandora, curious, opened the jar wich unleashed evil and disease among the humans.

In Prometheus, aparently there are two types of engineers, one which enhanced humanity, and other which want to destroy it. the ones who created life have circular ships (the one above the waterfall), the bad ones have Horseshoe ships (Juggernaut). The first are Prometheus and the others are represents Zeus. In an easter egg in Aliens: Colonial marines you can see an holographic juggernaut firing upon the disc ship. Elizabeth Shaw represents Pandora, she sees an invitation or gift in the stellar map. What they found are a room full of Jars filled with a black liquid (As Pandora´s box). Only then, when the black goo was released, all kind of evil threatened human life (hammerpedes, mutated Fifield, infected Holloway, trilobite and the Deacon).

In the 2023 TED conference, Peter Weyland said mankind will be the gods with no restriction in technology, arts and ethics. These are the gifts retrieved by Zeus once, but restored by Prometheus. When the surviving Engineer awakens, first thing he see is a Human, who has created artificial life, self appointened a God and is demanding eternal life. the Engineer see humanity used the same power (science and fire) not mean to them so he wants to finish the job, sending the black goo(evil) by himself.

The name of the film, Prometheus was not only the name of the ship but also the name of the Titan which story is paralleled. So my final though is Alien: Covenant could not only be the name of the colony ship, but an actual pact or covenant (Weyland merging with Yutani corporation) or as the ship's patch have the Arc of Covenant, a pact between god and mankind (good engineers making a pact with humans to defeat bad engineers who created evil)....