I have some troubles with the disposition of planets mentioned in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual.

So far, I know there's four arms in the colonized space: Core systems, American arm, Chinese arm and Anglo-Japanese arm, and this is the list I have:

Core Systems:

Aurora 510 (Alpha Centaury A V), Nene 246 (52 Tau Ceti II), Lucien-Avril (Lacaille 8760 IV)

American and Chinese arm:

Helene 215 (82 Eridani II), Tientsin (Eta Boötis A III), Surier 430 (Delta Pavonis IV), Thetis (20 Reticuli) [Thedus?] and Solomons (Alpha Caeli V b-h).

Anglo-Japanese arm:

Georgia 525 (70 Ophiuchi A V) and Bernice 378 (Mu Herculis A III).

There's no mention of which arm Linna 349 is located, but at some point, the manual states that in Neusheune, a location of Linna 349, the 2nd marine Brigade was present, and the 2nd Marine Brigade is based in the Core systems in bases on the aforementioned planets.

Also, The 2nd Colonial support group is located in the Trobriands, Nene 246, but later, there's a mention of detection gear installed in the Trobriands, Linna 349 by the "Bug-Boys". and Nene 246 is not mentioned more, which makes me think there's a tipo error and Linna 349 is in fact Nene 246, and in fact the Linna campaign is part of the Tientsin campaign (something hinted in Aliens: Infestation) as both occur in the Core systems. Any better ideas?