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  • AlphaLima1980

    Alien: Covenant theory

    September 16, 2016 by AlphaLima1980

    Following my last theory (Blog below), that of the Prometheus movie and its relation with greek mythology, now I have the theory for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film.

    Prometheus was about the origin of mankind, created by the titan Prometheus (Good engineers) who give the gift of Fire, Technology and Science. but also the titular ship. Now, Ridley Scott say Alien: Covenant is about the origin of the Xenomorph, and following the relationship with the myth and Hesiod account of the story...

    Covenant is again the name of the ship, named this way because is the first ship produced by the merged Weyland and Yutani companies, a pact or Covenant. But in a double meaning, may also refers to the first part of the Prometheus' story...

    The gods and mor…

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  • AlphaLima1980


    September 4, 2016 by AlphaLima1980

    I was thinking about there´s must be a logic reason for the future tech showed in Alien/Aliens seems less advanced than Prometheus's. That´s because the first two films were made before the internet, touchscreens, even laptops and more.

    But as the Aliens universe timeline concerned, there´s no valid reason. Then, I had an idea:

    By 2029, technological advance allow mankind built spacecraft, automated medpods, touchscreens and holographic screens, but by circa 2122, tech are almost like that of the 1970s: Buttons, radio signals, analogic screens. Why?

    First: Prometheus is both an experimental and advanced exploration ship. So it incorporate the latest technology, Nostromo is just a Hauler. Not a glorified truck per se, but a utilitarian ship. W…

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  • AlphaLima1980

    Prometheus theory

    August 23, 2016 by AlphaLima1980

    I watched Prometheus last weekend and was wondering about what the movie was about. Scott and Lindeloff said the movie had many conections with christianity, I read about a conection with summerian mithology, specifically about the Anunnaki. But, as Peter Weyland mentions the Titan Prometheus, I read the Hesiod account of the story. The film has many, many more conections to the myth than Christianity, so here´s my Theory:

    In mithology, Prometheus was a Titan as his brother Epimetheus, both charged with distribute positive traits to the animals from the creation. Prometheus (which means "forethinking") give mankind the arts (including science and technology) and fire.

    This is alluded in the original script in which an Engineer sacrifice hims…

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  • AlphaLima1980

    This is a very short story about the colonial marines I wrote one evening, It's heavily based on Aliens Colonial Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, and introduces some of its facts, equipment and characters, plus ones I imagined or assumed.

    0824 Hours, January 24, 2165 / 1 klick south of Forward operation base of the Marine Force Eridani, Helene 215 (82 Eridani II).

    Corporal Adam "Moose" Rakunas finished his duty before dusk and sighted. he spent all the 3 hours of the evening laying a mine field in an aleatory pattern and then covering some parts of the field with mounds of bunny drop. The corporal knew that bunnies activated the sensitive anti personnel mines but not the anti tank mines, so his company has been using this to their a…

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  • AlphaLima1980

    Linna 349 Location

    January 31, 2014 by AlphaLima1980

    I have some troubles with the disposition of planets mentioned in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual.

    So far, I know there's four arms in the colonized space: Core systems, American arm, Chinese arm and Anglo-Japanese arm, and this is the list I have:

    Core Systems:

    Aurora 510 (Alpha Centaury A V), Nene 246 (52 Tau Ceti II), Lucien-Avril (Lacaille 8760 IV)

    American and Chinese arm:

    Helene 215 (82 Eridani II), Tientsin (Eta Boötis A III), Surier 430 (Delta Pavonis IV), Thetis (20 Reticuli) [Thedus?] and Solomons (Alpha Caeli V b-h).

    Anglo-Japanese arm:

    Georgia 525 (70 Ophiuchi A V) and Bernice 378 (Mu Herculis A III).

    There's no mention of which arm Linna 349 is located, but at some point, the manual states that in Neusheune, a location of Linna …

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